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  • FSJ Long Travel suspension system. 1974-1990. Kit provides 4-5" of lift and 8+" of front axle travel


      RockLaurence is proud to offer this new FSJ Long Travel Suspension system that provides lift and a softer ride for FSJeeps.  Here’s how and why it is the best system for our Jeeps.  First, the system uses our Front Spring Shackle Reversal [FSSR] that puts the springs in a position to absorb more of the road forces by allowing the axle to move backwards instead of transferring the force to the frame.  Second, our custom springs have 9 leaves and are 56” long.  That’s 16% longer than the original 47” springs. This with the FSSR allows the spring to carry the load with far less spring arch.  Note:  all Lift Kit manufactures use the original 47” long spring to minimize Customer expense and to fit the original brackets.  However, it’s impossible to add more arch and load capacity to a 47” spring and still have a soft ride.  Third, to maximize ground clearance and performance we replaced the spring shackle with a Heavy-Duty slider box.  Lastly, by Thinking Outside the Box we have developed a system that provides 4-5” of lift, has 8+ inches of front axle travel and rides softer/better than any other kit.  No other manufacturer comes close.  Note: this kit requires several additional considerations.  First, a pocket [included in the kit] will need to be welded into the transmission cross member to account for the extra front axle travel and drive shaft clearance.  Second, a long travel front driveshaft and shocks are required but are not included in this kit.  I’m currently working to add these parts as options.  Third, this kit uses lift blocks in the rear.  I'm currently looking at the feasibility of a Long travel rear system.  Lastly, S&H is subject to your location [estimated at $260 for springs and kit] and will be billed before  shipping.