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  • J10 J20 Wagoneer Shackle Reversal FSSR [front spring shackle reversal](over 200 Sold) This will not fit vehicles with Post Mount springs 1965-'73 trucks

    FSSR Front Spring Shackle Reversal, J10 J20 Wagoneer 1975-91;  This is what you need to
    lift that Old FSJ and improve the ride at the same time!  A front shackle reversal moves
    the shackle (spring pivot point) to the rear of the front spring where it should be.
    Allowing the spring to absorb the road impacts instead of transferring them to the
    vehicle.  Chevy, Ford and Dodge set their front springs up this way and now you can also.
    These brackets are 100% bolt-in (no welding required) and the kit lifts the front 2
    inches.  Yes, after installing the kit and moving the shackle to the rear spring mount all
    the front alignment and caster are maintained!  Maybe this is what you need to improve
    that rough ride and fit larger tires too--much better than a lift kit only!
    Our kit uses your existing springs (OEM or After Market) and will lift your vehicle
    2"-2.5".  The rear lift blocks are not included in this kit.  We also have an optional
    front receiver hitch that provides a strong lifting/pulling point for your Jeep (instead
    of the aluminum bumper). Note:  If you are using springs with 4+ inches of lift,
    you may need the One Ton offset steering Drag Link for steering
    clearance-listed on this site.  The extreme arch of the spring moves the
    axle forward

     The 2nd picture shows the optional front receiver with the
    original bumper/position.