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  • J10 J20 Wagoneer Cherokee SJ Rear Shock relocation brackets to prevent shock binding after lift

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      When lifting a FSJ it is common to have issues installing your rear shocks after the lift is on.  The axle housing is rotated and the shock body hits/binds against the axle housing.  This kit relocates the top of the shock towards the back providing the clearance needed.  It also allows you to lower the top shock mount two inches by putting the mount-stud towards the bottom [lower position].  Meaning, that if you are adding a 2" lift, these mounts will allow you to keep the original rear shocks.  How Cool is that!  Note: the original shock stud will need to be cut off and 8 3/8" holes drilled to mount the new brackets.  Also, 4 of the 8 holes will need to be tapped/thread to accept the fasteners.  Don't worry.  Theres plenty of room to work in that area.  Instructions provided